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Improving Patient Outcomes

By Accelerating Healthcare AI

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The world’s leading AI innovators rely on the Rhino Health Platform to solve some of the most complex challenges in healthcare.

For academic medical centers and researchers, we make it easy to collaborate in data-driven studies, AI research initiatives, and with companies developing healthcare AI solutions. 


  • Retain control of patient data

  • Collaborate effectively and efficiently with partners

  • Drive new revenue without risk

  • Leverage existing technology investments

For companies developing AI-based medical devices and software applications, we provide access to an unprecedented quantity and quality of clinically relevant real-world patient data. 


  • Leverage distributed datasets from diverse patient populations

  • Protect data privacy - always

  • Deliver better AI models that improve outcomes for more patients

  • Get to market faster

Read about how SuperFantastic Hospital is utilizing the Rhino Health Platform

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Only the Rhino Health Platform offers a turnkey solution that allows researchers and developers to use federated learning to support the full lifecycle of AI solutions.

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