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The Rhino Health Platform is powering healthcare data collaborations at >30 sites around the world

We work with all major cloud providers and partner closely with NVIDIA to support our customers and collaborators

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The Rhino Health Platform supports most major technologies, including federated learning frameworks, machine learning tools and more

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Tensorflow 360.png
Pytorch 360.png
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Jupyter 360.png
Enterprise customers include:
ACR 360.png
astrazeneca 360.png
Beyond bio 360.png
Ichom 360.png
ntt data 360.png
Notable collaborations include: 
fl4m 360.png
Cancer institute 360.png
UKRI 360.png
open source research 360.png
Healthcare organizations include:

• Assuta Medical Centers

• Beth Israel Lahey Health

• Case Western Reserve University

• Cedars Sinai Health Center

• Children’s National Hospital

• Dana Farber Cancer Institute
• Diagnosticos da America
• Maccabi KSM Research and

Innovation Center
• MAR Medical Imaging Centers

• Massachusetts General Hospital

• National Taiwan University

• Seoul National University Hospital

• University of Cambridge

• Wake Forest University

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