Rhino Health Mission
Activating the World's Health Data with Federated Computing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming healthcare & life sciences. To develop AI tools for early disease detection, personalized medicine, and even robotic surgery, innovators need access to high-quality, diverse data. However, despite the massive amount of data generated in healthcare, over 90% remains unused. This is because data is often trapped in siloed systems, with different data models, and lacks privacy safeguards for AI use.  Federation offers the solution. This approach allows AI models to analyze data across different systems without physically moving the data, protecting patient privacy while unlocking the power of information.

Leadership Team

Ittai Dayan, MD
Co-founder & CEO
Yuval Baror
Co-founder & CTO
Chris Laws
Chief Operating Officer
Antoni Abella Vendrell
VP Product
Adrish Sannyasi
Head of Customer Solutions

Our Investors

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