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Federated Learning That Supports

The Full Lifecycle of Healthcare AI


Healthcare AI is being held back by a lack of access to clinically relevant data from a diverse patient population collected in different places and updated over time.


The Rhino Health Platform breaks these constraints. We accelerate delivery of AI-based healthcare solutions by providing access to a large, distributed dataset from a diverse group of real-world patients. This powers models that perform more consistently and improve the standard of care.

Examples of Rhino Health in action


Federated Learning with Rhino Health

Our platform uses the most advanced and scalable technologies to allow the user to create their own development environment on distributed compute infrastructure.This solves the inherent conflict between data privacy and flexibility for the developer.

Rhino Health partners with medical researchers and AI developers throughout the full lifecycle of healthcare AI.

  • Data registry and data discovery

  • Data analytics and quality assessment

  • Predictive modeling creation and validation

  • Deployment, monitoring and continuous learning

All that, while allowing integration with third party and custom software, without limiting the developer to a small and inflexible set of applications.

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