Federated Learning That Supports

The Full Lifecycle of Healthcare AI


Healthcare AI is being held back by a lack of access to clinically relevant data from a diverse patient population collected in different places and updated over time.


The Rhino Health Platform breaks these constraints. We accelerate delivery of AI-based healthcare solutions by providing access to a large, distributed dataset from a diverse group of real-world patients. This powers models that perform more consistently and improve the standard of care.

Examples of Rhino Health in action


Federated Learning with Rhino Health

Utilizing a federated learning approach, Rhino Health eliminates the complexity, expense, and risk of moving and managing huge volumes of data. An AI model is applied to patient data where it lives - and learnings from each new dataset inform refinement of the model. Privacy-first. Privacy always.

Rhino Health partners with medical researchers and AI developers throughout the full lifecycle of healthcare AI.

  • Creation of New Solutions:  Ideation, Proof of concept, Model training

  • Validation of Go-To-Market Solutions:  Multi-site model deployment, Regulatory approvals, Impact analysis

  • Improvement of In-Clinic Solutions:  Continuous learning, Integration of new datasets, Scale-up