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The Rhino FCP has been used for dozens of creative, impactful projects across the healthcare & life sciences ecosystem

Example projects on the Rhino FCP (non-exhaustive)

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Powering multi-institutional, global consortia

Academic consortia validate, train, and deploy Al across four continents

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Model weight security enhancement

Improving FL security by balancing weight masking and performance

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Identification of patients for clinical trials

Predictive modeling based on longitudinal data

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Enabling builders to deploy tools securely and rapidly

Researchers deploy OSS tools to assess image quality

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Early detection of pancreatic cancer

Top US cancer centers use multi-omic federated data to develop Al

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Distributed registry of patient data

Easy feasibility testing in a trusted research environment with data mapped to OMOP via distributed ETLs


The Rhino Federated Computing Platform enables biopharma and life science companies to securely access Real World Data across clinical institutions and receive the insights from analytics and AI/ML applications deployed locally, all without the need to transfer patient data. We support:

Drug Discovery.png

Drug Discovery and Pre-Clinical Development

Access to distributed health data to improve the probability of technical and regulatory success

Clinical development2.png

Clinical Development

and Trials

Patient identification and facilitation of decentralized trials and synthetic control arms

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Generation of insights into safety, efficacy and treatment pathways from real world data

Health Care Organizations

The Rhino Federated Computing Platform enables academic medical centers, hospital networks, researchers and other healthcare stakeholders to collaborate with one another and with industry partners, while ensuring patient privacy is protected. We support:



  • Grant funded consortia participation

  • Peer to peer and multi-institution innovation



  • Commercial co-development and revenue generation

  • Licensing R&D algorithms

  • Quality & outcomes measurement, accreditation, and certification

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  • Test and validate AI applications ahead of purchase

  • Deploy and monitor AI products

Rhino Health also offers professional services to our clients, helping them to get the most out of The Rhino Federated Computing Platform with advisory services on data science, federated learning, and edge computing.

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