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Executive Order on Safe, Secure, & Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence and the Rhino FCP

This week, the White House announced an Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI). Rhino Health applauds this Order as a step in the right direction. We look forward to working with thought leaders in the public sector, industry, and academia to fulfill the vision of this Order by realizing the potential of AI with a focus on comprehensive safety measures, privacy protection, fairness, and responsible use of AI.

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The White House directs accelerating the adoption of techniques that allow AI to be trained while preserving the privacy of the underlying data, and changing how federal agencies use commercially available data. Edge computing and Federated Learning should be foremost among the techniques supported by government agencies. Keeping data at rest with data custodians while still being able to pre-process and train models on those data provides the best protection for privacy versus alternatives such as centralizing data, using synthetic data, or tokenizing data - while also maximizing the potential applications of the underlying data.

Edge computing and federated learning also offer the added benefit of allowing for building more complex, multimodal models while still protecting privacy. These techniques have the added benefit of reducing unnecessary data transfer, removing potential weak links in the system. Edge computing and federated learning will make it possible to unleash the potential of AI by providing data custodians with a secure, privacy preserving way to make more abundant and more diverse data available to AI developers - ensuring that America remains a bastion of AI innovation, and better facilitating international data collaborations as well.

Edge computing and federated learning also offer the best tools to comply with the direction for agencies to receive model developer test results, and to monitor the ongoing use of AI models to ensure responsible use and to remedy the harm of any unsafe practices using AI.

Rhino Health is similarly supportive of the White House’s call for a comprehensive data privacy law in the United States. States have been leading the way, passing a series of well-intentioned, but patchwork laws. Providing a nationwide framework akin to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) would improve certainty among AI developers & data custodians, and will help to allay the fear of AI percolating among the American public.

Reach out to learn more about how Rhino Health’s Federated Computing Platform can be a useful tool for complying with this Order - namely by being the only currently available platform that facilitates an end-to-end workflow for AI developers using distributed data of any modality on any hardware while also protecting patient privacy.

Read the full briefing here:

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