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Rhino Health 2023 Year in Review & 2024 Outlook

As we begin 2024, we take a minute to review the year of 2023. While war in the Middle East has torn us apart, Rhino has also seen many exciting developments and maintained our commitment to our customers and partners. We look forward to starting 2024 and continuing the evolution of the healthcare world using our Federated Computing Platform (Rhino FCP).

Some salient highlights from 2023 in terms of our global network of partners, expansion of our customer segments as well as ‘use cases’, innovative development efforts and external recognition.

The Rhino Network

We have established what we believe to be the largest federated network of healthcare organizations in the world. During 2023, the number of network members has roughly tripled and is currently at over 40 [see map below for live and pending installations]. This traction validates that the FCP is not only cementing its place as the federated platform for healthcare, but beyond that, as the platform for data science in healthcare. We have achieved that by providing scientists and developers with the open ecosystem for innovation that they need alongside a world-class platform and an innovative partnership model, in which members of the network enjoy many direct and indirect benefits such as the opportunity to collaborate with others around the world who are changing medicine through AI, without needing commit their data to intermediaries.

Use Cases

Rhino FCP truly is accelerating the translation of AI into clinical impact as demonstrated by the incredible projects our users are driving on the Platform. Some examples include federated GenAI for drug design, federated imaging AI for ophthalmologic biomarker development and federated LLMs (the first known federation of BioBERT) for preventing hospital readmission. We’re also supporting the AOG / Gradient Health’s model validation service using ‘Real World Data’ and are founding members of the new EU-focused AICT consortium, are enabling end-to-end secure development on what is poised to become one of the world’s largest repositories of Computerized Tomography data sourced from around the world with the intent of eliminating contrast agent.

Innovative Development

Our partners, alongside our product & engineering teams have done amazing work, rolling out innovative new features such as:

  • Federated Biostatistics: With our partner, Macabbi’s research center KSM, we’ve developed methods for federating more ‘traditional’ biostatistics that have not been previously amenable to federation. We’ve also implemented a ‘federated join’ capability that enables leverage of distributed, complementary datasets for deeper understanding of the patient journey.

  • Federated Datasets: With our partner, Assuta Medical Centers, we’ve developed a ‘Federated Dataset’ capability that allows the seamless review of federated data in order to establish feasibility and launch full blown collaborations.

  • Federated Data Harmonization: With our partner, Sheba ARC, we’re developing an ‘AutoETL’ for data mapping from idiosyncratic data structures to FHIR resources (including that align with the new Israeli standard).

External Recognition

We are grateful to have been recognized by several third parties while delivering value in the projects mentioned above & beyond:

  • KLAS Research named Rhino’s Federated Computing Platform (FCP) one of the "Emerging Solutions Top 20" as decided by a panel of hospital technology thought leaders. [link]

  • Managed Healthcare Executive named Co-founder & CEO Ittai Dayan to its list of “Emerging Leaders in Healthcare”: [link].

  • Rhino Health was shortlisted from over 1,500 companies as a quarterfinalist for the The Digital Health Hub Foundation and Digital Health Awards 2023 for the 'Rising Star - Best Use of AI in Health Tech'

  • Gartner featured Rhino Health in its report “Hype Cycle for Healthcare Data, Analytics and AI, 2023", calling FL a “high priority capability”: [link].

  • Rhino Health received ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications, as well as 3rd party evaluations of HIPAA and GDPR compliance - highlighting our ongoing commitment to augmenting our partners’ security & privacy postures.

  • The Rhino team contributed to several (forthcoming) publications - including articles in Health Informatics Journal, Seminars in Diagnostic Pathology, and Radiology Today; a poster at Bio-IT World; and papers to be presented at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) and the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) annual meetings in 2024.

The Year Ahead

What do we see going into 2024?

  • We continue growing the Rhino Network, which reaches over a hundred institutions.

  • We expand our life sciences business with offerings for drug discovery & development consortia.

  • We provide a full end-to-end solution for effective data registry set-up, from data discovery and harmonization to modeling and analytics dashboards.

  • We expand our support of quality and safety organizations and partnerships, using our unique capabilities and close collaborations with leading societies.

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