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Federated Learning for Healthcare AI

Headquartered in Boston, MA, with an R&D Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, Rhino Health is a growing team of healthcare and technology experts committed to accelerating creation and adoption of AI-based healthcare solutions for increasingly diverse patient populations.

Who We Are

Meet the people who are re-imagining what’s possible in healthcare AI and putting the power of federated learning into action.

Management Team

Ittai Dayan, MD

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Yuval Baror

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Our Advisors

Fiona Gilbert, MD

Head of Radiology Department, University of Cambridge

Anthony Samir, MD MPH

Director, Ultrasound Research & Translation - Massachusetts General Hospital

Terri Bresenham

Founder, Forte Health Advisors

Norman C. Selby

Co-Founder, Real Endpoints LLC

Mark McDade

Co-Founder & Partner, Qiming Venture Partners USA

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Gary Rieschel

Co-Founder & Partner, Qiming Venture Partners USA

Robert Bertagna

Chief Executive Officer, Minerva Ventures LLC

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