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Our Mission

Rhino Health is accelerating the translation of AI into clinical impact by unlocking data silos with Federated Computing.

Our History

​After leading the EXAM study, (September 2021, Nature Medicine), Dr. Ittai Dayan recognized the transformative power of Federated Computing and teamed up with AI veteran, Yuval Baror to found Rhino health. Rhino Health is headquartered in Boston, with an R&D center in Tel Aviv.

Leadership Team

Ittai Dayan, MD

Co-founder & CEO

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Yuval Baror

Co-founder & CTO

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Chris Laws
Chris Laws

Chief Operating Officer

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Yaron Blinder
Yaron Blinder, PhD

VP Product

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Adrish Sanny.jpeg
Adrish Sannyasi

Head of Customer Solutions

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Our Investors

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