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Request a Guided Sandbox

Interested in evaluating the Rhino Federated Computing Platform (FCP)? We are offering a 'guided sandbox' trial, allowing users to test several powerful use cases including:

  • Building and exploring an EHR-based Distributed Registry.

  • Predicting a patient journey.

  • Object detection, segmentation, and classification models using CT images.

  • A protein engineering pipeline with protein structure and interaction prediction.

You and your colleagues will be able to complete each of the above projects end-to-end on the platform to understand just how powerful a tool the FCP is. Our team will also be available to answer questions about how you might translate your own workflows to the FCP following the trial.

Reach out now to get access!

Rhino Health HQ

22 Boston Wharf Rd 
7th Floor 
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

Rhino Health R&D

Aluf Kalman Magen St. 3
Tel Aviv 6107075 

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